What does shelling of regions neighboring Baku by Armenia mean?

What does shelling of regions neighboring Baku by Armenia mean?

The Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan said that the military-political leadership of the aggressor Armenia continues to commit acts of terrorism against the civilian population, grossly violating the norms and principles of international law.

"In gross violation of the norms and principles of international law, the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols, the UN Security Council resolutions, Armenia is subjecting to intensive fire the Azerbaijani cities and densely populated areas that are far from the area of hostilities deliberately targeting the civilian population of Azerbaijan," the office's press service said. 

Spokesperson for the Azerbaijani Prosecutor General’s Office Gunay Salimzade said that 19 criminal cases have been initiated in connection with the crimes committed by Armenia against Azerbaijan. She added that criminal investigations are ongoing.

Spokesperson for the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Leyla Abdullayeva said that having resorted to new provocations since September 27, the Armenian side, grossly violating the norms and principles of international law, including the Geneva Convention and its requirements, wilfully aims at Azerbaijani civilians and civilian infrastructure.

According to the ministry, since September 27, as a result of the shelling by the Armenian Armed Forces, 24 civilians have been killed and 121 wounded, as well as over 300 houses, civilian objects and infrastructure have been destroyed.

The Armenian armed forces committed a large-scale provocation, subjecting the positions of the Azerbaijani army to intensive shelling from large-caliber weapons, mortars, and artillery installations of various calibers in the front-line zone on Sept. 27 at 05:00 (Msk). The command of the Azerbaijani Army decided to launch a counter-offensive operation of Azerbaijani troops along the entire front to suppress the combat activity of the Armenian armed forces and ensure the safety of the civilian population. Thirteen villages of Fizuli and Jabrayil districts, Sugovushan (formerly Madagiz) and Talysh villages, as well as Murovdag were liberated.


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