What liberating Khudaferin bridge means for Azerbaijan

What liberating Khudaferin bridge means for Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev officially announced yesterday that Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces have raised Azerbaijan’s flag over the ancient Khudaferin Bridge in the Jabrayil region, a renown historical an architectural monument which was occupied for 27 years.

There are two Khudaferin arch bridges left, which are located at the border of Azerbaijan and Iran connecting the northern and southern banks of the Aras River. Located on the historical Silk Road, the 11-arched bridge was built in the 11th-12th centuries and the 15-arched bridge in the 13th century.

Being one of the main nodes of the Great Silk Road the Khudaferin bridges gained great importance in the Middle Ages. Even back then, they were of great military and strategic importance. A large number of troops could pass through the Khudaferin bridges in a short time.

The bridges are located 800 m apart. The length of the large bridge is about 200 m, the width is 4.5 m. Its highest point is at a height of 10 m. The total length of the small bridge is 130 m, the width is 6 m, and the maximum height is 12 m.

There are a large reservoir and a large hydroelectric power station near the village of Khudaferin.