What prevents victory over Islamic State?

What prevents victory over Islamic State?

Today State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin, commenting on the recent terrorist attacks in Iraq and Turkey by militants of IS, expressed regret that the terrorist group Islamic State not only continues to exist, but is also expanding and strengthening.

"It is paradoxical and tragic that terrorists rally, but those who should be together in order to oppose terror act apart. The unprecedented phenomenon of Islamic State is a demonstrative brutality, and the level of expansion of the territory that comes under the control of the militants, their high combat readiness and recruitment of like-minded people. 

No one regular army fights against them, but more adherents beyond the Middle East boundaries are swearing allegiance, including some people from the territories of Russia and other European countries,’’ Tass cites him as saying.

Naryshkin underlined that the further strengthening of the position of IS in the world can bring a direct threat to all. "IS intends to extend its boundaries, not only by intimidation and brainwashing of the population. They would like to look like an organization that supports order and justice.

In the struggle for people’s minds and souls, the terrorist organization intends to implement a number of functions of bodies of state power and local self-government. 

At the same time, Islamic State is neither a state, nor Islamic. Politicians, scientists and theologians underline this fact," the speaker of the State Duma concluded.



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