Why does Azerbaijan need large-scale military exercises after victory over Armenia?

Azerbaijan will continue improving its armed forces so that its sovereignty and territorial integrity have been unconditionally protected in the post-war period,Milli Majlis MPs Arzu Nagiyev and Asim Mollazade told the correspondents of Vestnik Kavkaza commenting on the large-scale military exercises of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

The Azerbaijani troops have begun exercises involving troops since May 16. Up to 15,000 military personnel, 300 tanks, and other armored vehicles, 400 missile and artillery installations of various calibers, multiple launch rocket systems, mortars, and anti-tank weapons, up to 50 units of military aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles for various purposes are being used for the exercises held under the leadership of the minister of defense.

Arzu Nagiyev drew attention to the fact that Azerbaijan is carrying out planned work to increase the combat capability of its army. "These exercises are part of a summer program planned in accordance with the order of the Supreme Commander. The is always obliged to strengthen its defense capability, whether there is a war or not," he stressed.

"In addition, it should be noted that the military equipment is being modernized, Azerbaijan buys new types of weapons, and introduces modern military technologies. Military exercises allow practicing the use of new products to improve the personnel potential of the army," Arzu Nagiyev said.

The Milli Mejlis MP also noted that Armenia's attempts to link these exercises with the situation around Lake Gara-gel, where the Armenian authorities are trying to keep the occupied part of the Azerbaijani land, are not justified.

Asim Mollazade also said that Azerbaijan seeks to maintain all types of troops in good combat-ready form with regular large-scale exercises. "As before, the main goal of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan is to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. This is very important, given the fact that Azerbaijan is a member of the Non-Aligned Movement and is not a member of any military blocs. Azerbaijan needs its armed forces to be capable of protecting our country from foreign aggression," the MP said, drawing attention to the difference between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

“Unfortunately, our people are well aware that threats to the territorial integrity of the country are a reality, and therefore it is obvious to us that we must have combat-ready armed forces capable of defending our independence. Therefore, such exercises are necessary,” Asim Mollazade summed up.