Wildfires reported at 10 locations in Georgia

Wildfires reported at 10 locations in Georgia

Ten active fires have been reported around Georgia today, mostly on the lower layers of forests, the Georgian Emergency Management Service said.

There is a very low threat of the fire spreading to settled areas, the service says. 

"About 80 firefighters are trying to extinguish a fire at the village of Organchai, near the Georgian-Armenian border, while 150 firefighters are present in the villages of Ukangori, Kvemo Kartli village,” Agenda.ge cited the Emergency Management Service as saying.

The agency says that 100 firefighters are at the village of Mamati, in Lanchkhuti municipality, trying to put out a fire there. 

The Emergency Management Service has called upon shepherds and hunters to exercise maximum caution to prevent fires, as “due to warm weather the lower layers of woods are dry and easily catch fire.” 


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