Will Daesh die without its head?

The elimination of the leader of Daesh, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, won't bring significant changes in the fight against this source of evil, experts told 'Vestnik Kavkaza', commenting on the elimination of the militants' leader during the bombardment of Daesh positions on June 10th.

Thus, the president at the Institute of Religion and Politics, Member of the Council for Cooperation with Religious Associations under the Russian Federation President, Aleksander Ignatenko, draw attention to the fact that the information may be false. It could have beem spread by militants for their own purposes.

"I'm not sure that al-Baghdadi was eliminated. All of these groups have a similar custom – when something changes or in the situation start changing around them the head simply leaves the game. The former head is usually accused of all committed sins and crimes, and then grouping appears renewed," he explained.

"There are a number of such heads. It is enough to mention just two names: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Osama bin Laden. Nobody saw dead Osama bin Laden, and it is possible that he is still alive. When we see a corpse and receive a legal confirmation that al-Baghdadi was killed it will be possible to say that this fact will change the war,'' Aleksander Ignatenko said.

Military observer at TASS, retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin also expressed optimism about the potential positive impact on the fight against Daesh after the elimination of al-Baghdadi. In general, if we compare this grouping with a many-headed dragon and recall that the death of the leader of Daish was publish by the press not for the first time. "A new leader will appear after two or three days. New heads appears when they cut one head off ," he noted.

The expert noted that it is success to eliminate the leader of the organization. "But this organization will continue to exist with a new leader, as there are many people who can take this position. The legitimate Syrian or Iraqi government will continue to fight against Daesh because the aims of Daesh are the seizure of power, a demonstration of its power, fear among those people who do not share their radical aspirations and policies. Of course, it's great, but we beat on tails,'' the military observer at Tass said.

He emphasized that it is first necessary to fight not against consequences, but the origins of radicalism and terrorism, but unfortunately nobody does it. "The sources of terrorism are poverty, humiliation, injustice, false ideas about life, false aspirations, which are dictated by radical mullahs or ecclesiastical mentors. When a person is said that the unfaithful are to blame for his disastrous situation and if you kill the unfaithful you will be fine, and Allah will help you to be on the right way. The situation won't change drastically, no matter how many Daesh leaders are eliminated,'' Viktor Litovkin concluded.


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