"World Bank happy to partner with Azerbaijan"

"World Bank happy to partner with Azerbaijan"

The World Bank is happy to partner with the Azerbaijani government in implementing many reforms, Regional Director of the World Bank for the South Caucasus Mercy Tembon said.

According to her, the cooperation includes the reforms in the investment climate, in doing business. "These reforms have enabled Azerbaijan to make progress in its ranking of the Doing Business. One is about the time it takes to create business, the time it takes people to have access to licenses and access to electricity and all the things that will be necessary to make businesses function," she said.

The regional director noted that "Azerbaijan has done very well in this area." "And its ranking in the Doing Business Report has gone up from 57th to 25th. It was ranked among the ten best reformed countries in the world," Trend cited Tembon as saying.

She also noted that the WB is also happy to see the reforms in the financial sector. "The government has been able to put in place reforms that have regenerated the financial sector. And that is helping the economy to grow," the WB regional director for the South Caucasus stressed.

"We have investments and support in the key sectors like agriculture, transport, human development, health, education and supporting women and people in the rural areas like women entrepreneurships, so that people can begin to create income for themselves, and live a better life," Mercy Tembon pointed out.