World celebrate Nowruz

World celebrate Nowruz

Nowruz is celebrated worldwide today by the Iranian and Turkic peoples, along with some other ethno-linguistic groups, as the beginning of the New Year.

Nowruz is a holiday of spring, which marks the beginning of a new year according to the astronomical solar calendar. It celebrates the revival of nature, moral purity and equality. It is surrounded by many rituals and celebrations.

The UN's 64th General Assembly recognized the International Day of Nowruz in 2010 at the suggestion of Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran and the states of Central Asia.

During the meeting of The Inter-governmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Heritage of the United Nations on September 30, 2009, Nowruz was officially registered on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

General Assembly recognized 21 March as the International Day of Nowruz on February 24, 2010.

According to tradition, all the members of the family should be at home on the first day of the holiday. People say: 'If you are not at home on the day of the holiday, you will live without a home for seven years'.

One of the special observances of the occasion is the table setting known as Haft Sin, which means the seven S’s in Persian. The table features seven data-x-items all of which start with the letter S in Persian. For example sumakh (a kind of spice), sirke (vinegar), sud (milk), samani (grown wheat), sebzi (fried meat with greens). A mirror with coloured eggs on it and candles should also be on the table. The candle is a symbol of fire and light (keeping a person from harm), the mirror is a symbol of happiness.

Families gather around the table and pray while waiting for the exact moment of the spring equinox. These symbolic data-x-items represent health, prosperity, longevity, reproduction and happiness for the family members throughout the year.

One of the customs of Nowruz is to exchange house visits during which guests are served tea, pastries, nuts and fruits. People also exchange gifts and money to congratulate each other on the advent of the New Year.

Children walk up to houses with cooking pots in hand, bang on those pots with spoons, and not let up until someone comes out and puts something sweet in the pots.

House cleaning is commonly observed before the arrival of Nowruz. People start preparing for Nowruz with a major spring-cleaning of their house and the purchase of new clothes to wear for the New Year, as well the purchase of flowers.

A month before the holiday, on Tuesdays people celebrate Su Charshabnasi (water-Tuesday), Odlu Charshanba(fire - Tuesday),Torpag Charshanba (land - Tuesday) and Akhir Charshanba(final or wind - Tuesday). According to the folk belief water in the first Tuesday purifies and stirs, fire in the second Tuesday, land on the third Tuesday and wind in the fourth Tuesday awaken the nature, the trees begin to blossom; all this symbolize spring's coming.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has congratulated people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of Nowruz holiday yesterday. Today, a publication on Nowruz holiday has been posted on his official Facebook page as well.

First Vice-President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva congratulated the people of Azerbaijan on Nowruz holiday. "Dear fellow countrymen, I express my deep gratitude to each and everyone of you for the warm congratulations and best wishes that you have extended to me. On the occasion of the holiday, I offer my sincere congratulations to the whole people of Azerbaijan and wish everyone the best of health, happiness and festive mood," she wrote on her official Instagram page.

"May this holiday, which embodies the awakening and renewal of nature, fill everyone's heart with pure intentions and good feelings, as well as bring happiness and health to every home, and peace, well-being and success to our country," First Vice-President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva's statement reads.

Vestnik Kavkaza congratulates all people celebrating this spring with the holiday of Nowruz and wishes health, happiness, peace, warmth and good luck!

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Əziz həmvətənlər! ⠀ Novruz bayramı münasibətilə ünvanladığınız sevgi dolu səmimi təbriklərinizə, xoş arzularınıza görə hər birinizə dərin minnətdarlığımı bildirirəm. Bütün xalqımızı bayram münasibətilə səmimi-qəlbdən təbrik edir, hamıya möhkəm cansağlığı, xoşbəxtlik, bayram əhval-ruhiyyəsi arzulayıram! ⠀ Qoy təbiətin oyanması və yeniləşməsinin rəmzi olan bu bayram ürəklərdə ancaq saf niyyətlər, xoş duyğular oyatsın, hər evə, hər ocağa səadət və sağlıq, ölkəmizə sülh, əmin-amanlıq və uğurlar gətirsin! ⠀ Дорогие соотечественники! ⠀ Выражаю глубокую благодарность каждому из вас за полные любви искренние поздравления и добрые пожелания по случаю праздника Новруз. От всей души поздравляю наш народ с праздником, желаю всем крепкого здоровья, счастья, праздничного настроения! ⠀ Пусть этот праздник, являющийся символом пробуждения и обновления природы, наполнит сердце каждого чистыми помыслами и благими намерениями, принесет в каждый дом, в каждый очаг счастье и здравие, а нашей стране – мир, благополучие и новые успехи!

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