World expects final negotiations on Iranian atom

World expects final negotiations on Iranian atom


The final day of negotiations between the six negotiators and Iran is to take place on Monday July 13 in Vienna. According to a senior Western diplomatic source in the delegation, the talks will be completed regardless of the outcome of discussions on the Iranian nuclear issue.


"July 13 is the last day in any case,’’ he said, adding that negotiations will be completed regardless of the result in the forthcoming discussions in the next few hours in Vienna.


This information has been confirmed by the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic, Mohammad Javad Zarif. According to him, negotiations between Iran and the six negotiators in Vienna will last until July 13. The participants must finalize the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. "We still have work to be done tomorrow," he noted.


As expected, today the six international negotiators and Iran are reaching a preliminary agreement on Tehran's nuclear program, and then the preliminary document will be sent to the capitals of participants for consideration. In case of an absence of objections, it will be announced on Monday.


At the same time, as a representative of the Iranian delegation noted at the talks, Iran is expecting that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will be able to help the negotiating process, which has 'stumbled' on the matter of the arms embargo. "This issue is slowing the process down. We are looking forward to Lavrov, who can offer a way out of the situation,’’ a representative of the delegation said.


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