Year of Mountains in Dagestan

Year of Mountains in Dagestan

The Year of Mountains, proclaimed in Dagestan, will mean a great deal for the development of the mountainous areas of the republic, the head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdullatipov said at a meeting in the ​​Untsukul district, where activities carried out within the framework of the Year of the Mountains were discussed.

‘’We announced the Year of the Mountains to draw attention once again to the problem of the development of the mountain areas, which need to be developed,’’ he explained.

Ramadan Abdullatipov spoke about the projects already implemented, and set a number of objectives for the further work of the executive authorities.

According to him, the mountains, although they cannot make a big contribution to the development of the market economy, however, they are the perfect environment for rest and recuperation. "Today we also carry out  active work on the development of the road infrastructure in the regions. A section of paved road in the Kurakhsky District was opened recently, we are opening a road to the Charodinsky district, a bridge in the Gumbet district. Then we will work in the Tsumadin, Tsuntin and Kulinsky districts, at the Bezhta site. It is necessary to effectively use the road fund, to find other sources of funding, to attract successful people from the regions,’’ the head of the republic stressed.

Another direction of development of the mountain areas is agriculture. "Mountains are our heritage. It is possible and necessary to produce agricultural products there. It is necessary to use pastures better. We set the goal this year to intensify the process of moving cattle to the mountains, so the mountains are occupied. We need to engage in crop production, as the quality of mountain plants is quite different from... the plane," the head of the region said.

Abdulatipov also drew attention to the need for heads of municipalities in the development of the canning industry in the mountain areas, the extraction of natural resources and tourism industry.

The Deputy Chairman of Dagestan's Minister of Economy and Regional Development of the Government of the Republic, Rayudin Yussufov, recalled that the mountains occupy about 44% of all the country, but are inhabited by about 950 thousand people.

"The mountain territory of the Republic of Dagestan includes 1166 settlements, of which 492 are difficult to reach. In this regard, it is not difficult to guess why it is necessary to emphasize the importance of this part of Dagestan. It should be noted that mountainous areas are less attractive, harsh in economic security, the production less efficient, and production, although top quality  cannot compete in price. Hence, the lag of the social sphere and the real economy from more attractive regional areas and urban districts. At the same time, the mountain areas are strategic areas of the country’s interests, they are of great importance in the economic, and social development," RiA Dagestan quotes him as saying.

Yusufov said that the total cost of the activities that are expected to take place in the framework of the Year of Mountains in 2016, reaching 4.5 billion rubles, including 2.8 billion rubles from the republican budget, and extrabudgetary sources of 1.7 billion rubles. "The list also includes the activities planned for implementation in the mountaino areas within the Republican investment program – the implementation of the road works program, the state and departmental programs of RD, investment projects, etc,’’ the deputy chairman of the government of Dagestan said.

The Vice Prime Minister told about the approved state program 'Social and economic development of mountainous areas of the Republic of Dagestan for 2014-2018', under which actions for territorial planning of municipal areas will be arranged. Within the framework of the state program intensive work on the socio-economic development of the metropolitan regions will be implemented, taking into account the activities of the priority projects and state programs of the Republic.

He added that in the last year and over the past months of this year, under the leadership of the Dagestani government  considerable work on the development of mountainous areas of the republic was carried out.