Yefim Pivovar: Iran is important for Russia

 Yefim Pivovar: Iran is important for Russia

The study of history and culture of Russia and Iran will help in resolving conflicts in the current difficult situation in the region and in the world, the President of Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH) Yefim Pivovar said, speaking with a correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza on the sidelines of the conference titled 'Iranian Studies in Eurasia: Past, Present and Future'.

"Thorough knowledge of history of both the Russian and Iranian culture will allow to solve many problems of modern political agenda and cooperate in the region, especially now, when there is an interaction and mutual understanding at the level of heads of state. The recent meeting of the presidents of Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan  in Baku proved it," he said.

Pivovar believes that today Iran is an important player in Eurasia. "Both Russian and Iranian interests should be taken into account in this geopolitical space. In addition, Iran has great ties with the South Caucasus, first of all, of course, with Azerbaijan, as well as with Georgia and Armenia. It, undoubtedly, supports cultural and religious ties with the Central Asia and the North Caucasus, with Dagestan for example. Therefore, it is very urgent and vital for us," the RSUH president stressed.

He also noted the importance of the Eurasian Association of experts on Iran for the university. "The achievements of RSUH in this field are great. We have been engaged in the Iranian issues for almost 25 years. We have an office of Iranian culture, which carries out extensive work in the field of Iranian literature, languages, calligraphy, etc. I think that the new association will cooperate with other international organizations, in particular with the International Association of Eurasian and regional studies," he assured.

RSUH President drew attention to the fact that the Iranian delegation at the conference is headed by Advisor to the President and the current President of National Library of Iran, Reza Salehi Amiri. "And it is a double pleasure fore me as the head of the board of the Society of historians-archivists of Russia, because we can interact along this line as well," Yefim Pivovar added.