Yerevan fires sniper shot at truce with Baku

Yerevan fires sniper shot at truce with Baku

An Azerbaijani soldier Asker Gamzoev was killed yesterday in the Fizuli region of Azerbaijan  - the shooter located in the zone of responsibility of the Russian peacekeepers opened sniper fire at him. A day earlier, a military convoy en route to the Kelbajar region was fired upon from the zone of responsibility of the Russian peacekeepers.

According to the November Statement of the Azerbaijani, Russian and Armenian leaders,Armenia must withdraw all its troops from Azerbaijan, this process was supposed to take place in parallel with the deployment of the Russian peacekeeping mission - however, this commitment was never fulfilled by Yerevan. Armenian citizens still remain in the Azerbaijani cities of Khankendi, Khojavend, Agdere and the adjacent lands with weapons in their hands. Moreover, the Armenian authorities regularly transport soldiers there through the Lachin corridor disguised as civilians.

Armenia is trying to compensate for its own surrender and the defeat of its occupying forces, demonstrating that in fact it does not want peace with Azerbaijan, but only wants revenge, even if its officials say otherwise. Thus, Yerevan is destroying Russia's efforts to peacefully settle Armenian-Azerbaijani relations and endangering Russian peacekeepers, in fact, perceiving them as a new type of military fortifications, using which Armenian illegal armed groups can now revive hostilities in Karabakh.

The murder of Asker Gamzoyev and the shelling of the convoy show how far Yerevan has gone in the belief that now they can unaccountably attack Azerbaijani citizens.


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