Yildirim: both Assad and Daesh trouble for Syrians

 Yildirim: both Assad and Daesh trouble for Syrians

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has warned there can be no solution to the Syrian conflict or the threat from jihadists while President Bashar al-Assad remains in charge.

Yildirim said in an interview with the BBC broadcast that Assad had to go because with him in charge, the conflict would not be solved.

"On one hand, there's Assad and on the other, Daesh. If you ask, should we prefer Assad or Daesh, we cannot choose one over the other. They both have to go - they're both trouble for Syrians," he said.

"Let's imagine we got rid of Daesh, the problem still won't be solved. As long as Assad is there, the problem won't be solved. Another terrorist organisation would emerge," the Daily Mail cited him as saying.


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