Zabit Samedov becomes winner of Grozny Battle-13

Zabit Samedov becomes winner of Grozny Battle-13

The International tournament in mixed martial arts Grozny Battle-13 has taken place recently at the Coliseum sports hall.

12 fights took place as part of the event according to the rules of classic boxing, MMA and K-1. Representatives of the Ahmad local club won the competition. The main event of the evening was a fight between the Belarusian athlete of Azerbaijani origin Zabit Samedov, aka Mowgli, and Australian of Polish origin Paul Slowinski, aka The Sting. They met in Amsterdam eight years ago and Slowinski won that fight. Now Samedov had a chance to get even, which he did.


Starting from the first minutes of the fight the athlete took the initiative in his hands. After several attacks Paul Slowinski fell on the ring. The fight lasted three rounds then judges unanimously announced that Samedov was the winner.

"I've been waiting for this return fight for 8 years. It happened thanks to my brother, Ramzan Kadyrov. I thank him. I perform the third time in Grozny. I always feel strong support. Thank you, Grozny,'' the athlete said after the fight.

The winner was praised by the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, who personally attended the tournament.

"The battle was the gem of the international tournament Grozny Battle-13! Zabit Samedov, aka Mowgli (Club Ahmad), won a brilliant victory over Australian of Polish origin Paul Slowinski aka the Sting. He took revenge after eight years! He is a successful, compelling, beautiful athlete who has a respectful attitude towards his opponent. He really deserved it!" Kadyrov wrote on his page on Instagram.

Earlier, Vestnik Kavkaza reported that Ramzan Kadyrov had awarded Samedov a Mercedes after the victory.

Zabit Samadov was born in 1984 in an Azerbaijani family in the Georgian city of Jandari. At the age of 10 he and his parents moved to Minsk. Since then the athlete has represented Belarus. Zabit Samedov has been involved in martial arts since he was 9 years old. During his career he has won a lot of titles. In particular, he became the world champion of the WAKO version of Thai Boxing (2000 and 2004), the European Muay Thai IFMA (2001), European kickboxing version WKBF (2005), IFMA and WMF (2006), the European Grand Prix K-1 (2009) and the World KOK (2010).