Zarif confirms his talks with Kerry on Iran nuclear deal

Zarif confirms his talks with Kerry on Iran nuclear deal

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif explained his recent negotiations with former US Secretary of State John Kerry on 2015 nuclear deal in New York.

"During the visit to New York, I met with different figures from outside the US President Donald Trump’s administration who participated in the talks between Iran and P5+1and are among the decision maker groups and political elites," Zarif said.

"My purpose was to deliver the reality. The reality is that the Islamic Republic of Iran has already complied fully with the JCPOA and is a serious country in international scene but on the contrary US has not complied with the nuclear deal, indicating the unreliability of the Americans," ISNA cited him as saying.

"In fact, the American political elites should have heard these words and delivered them, so the negotiations was carried out in details," the diplomat added.

"In US all the people who have political influence can effect on deciding process. Mr. John Kerry and other Democrat officials don’t have any influence in Trump’s administration. But United States is not just an administration in the White House, it’s the set of public opinions and lobby, pressure and study groups that advances politics," Iran’s FM stressed.

"Iran will decide on its own interests and if US implements its possible wrong decision, it won’t serve its interests. Iran has considered necessary expectations to avoid Washington’s decision to affect Iranians’ life. Iranian government has also informed related authorities on the predictions," he continued.

"Exiting JCPOA will certainly lead to isolation of US in international area, so if the decision takes place, it won’t have any benefit for Washington. Indeed, Iran’s interests must be guaranteed; or else, if US tries to put economic pressure on Iran, we will definitely respond to this attempt," Zarif concluded.


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