Zohra Agamirova - rising star of Azerbaijani gymnastics

Zohra Agamirova - rising star of Azerbaijani gymnastics

Yesterday, at the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku the Azerbaijani rhythmic gymnastics team won the first gymnastics medal in the history of the Games, becoming the best in team all-around. The success of the team was provided due to the successful performance of the irreplaceable leader of the team - Marina Durunda, experienced Jala Piriyeva and young, but talented Zohra Agamirova.

Zohra Agamirova is a rising star of Azerbaijani gymnastics. Despite her young age, she impresses experts with her technics, courage and determination on the carpet. The career of the young gymnast can become a script of the feature film. A mother of the gymnast, Kenul Agamirova, spoke with a correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza about how Zohra came to gymnastics.

According to her, the story began 10 years ago in one of the kindergartens in Baku, which was attended by small but energetic Zohra, who already knew the basics of gymnastics. The ceremony of the official opening of the kindergarten was attended by the first lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva.

"Zohra was 3 years old when she started gymnastics. A program was prepared with the participation of children, among whom was Zohra by the arrival of the first lady - they showed different exercises. Mehriban Aliyeva noticed her, sit next to her and asked what she was interested in. Finding out that Zohra was doing gymnastics, Mehriban Aliyeva gave a farewell: Zohra has a talent, and in the future she could represent our country on the international arena, " Kenul Agamirova said.

”10 years later, just a day before, Mehriban Aliyeva awarded Zohra with a gold medal. It's some kind of a sign, " she pointed out.

An inspirer of the young gymnasts is the head coach of the Azerbaijani national team in rhythmic gymnastics, Mariana Vasileva. "Mariana Vasileva is very inspiring, she gives parting words. She is an authority for Zohra, " Kenul Agamirova said.

The gymnast’s talents  are not limited only to sport - she has a beautiful voice. Once, Mariana Vasileva was able to persuade Zohra to sing a song at the Novruz festival, prepared by the Gymnastics Federation of Azerbaijan, and the girl sang fabulously. "We wanted Zohra to have a beautiful figure, that's why we brought her to the rhythmic gymnastics, but I'm sure whatever profession she chooses, she would be able to achieve results there,"  the gymnast's mother stressed.

There are new goals for Zohra Agamirova: the next week she goes to the European Championships in Budapest along with the Azerbaijani national team in rhythmic gymnastics.


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