Al-RTV to be launched on August 19

Al-RTV to be launched on August 19

The first public channel for Muslims, Al-RTV, will be launched on August 19. The channel will be broadcast to tens of millions of people, Editor-in-Chief of Al-RTV and Vice President of the Eurasian Academy for Television and Radio, Rustam Arifjanov said, RIA Novosti reports.

He noted that Tricolor was the biggest system covering the whole country and neighboring states. Arifjanov believes that the channel will be of interest in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Crimea.

The official says that development of TV technologies in Russia allowed the channel to be launched. Representatives of the Council of Russian Muftis, the Central Muslim Administration, the Coordinating Center of Muslims of the North Caucasus, the Russian Association of Islamic Consensus, the mufti offices of Tatarstan, Chechnya, Bashkortostan, Dagestan and other regions entered the Public Council of Al-RTV.

Arifjanov does not expect Al-RTV and Spas to enter the package of Tricolor cable TV. Russia will adopt digital TV in 2015 and everyone will be equal, he says.