Tbilisi City Hall proposes restoring city walls of XI-XIII centuries

Tbilisi City Hall is taking the initiative to restore the old fortress wall of Tbilisi (XI-XIII century), located in the city center, in Alexander Pushkin Street, Mayor Gigi Ugulava said, News-Georgia reports.

A wall with five towers was discovered recently during rehabilitation works in Pushkin Street, under the carriageway. Its length is about 110 meters. During excavations various items of the Middle Ages (XI-XIII centuries) were also found. At the moment, archaeologists are working in Pushkin Street continually.

According to the mayor, "after the restoration of the ancient walls, Tbilisi will become more attractive to tourists and local residents." "As part of the project”, Ugulava said, “ the original appearance of the walls will be retained; footpaths and bridges between buildings will be made."

In order to begin the project of restoring the walls, Tbilisi residents should support it. To implement the project, it is necessary to gain 15 thousand votes of residents. To do this, residents who support the project should cast their vote online at www.chemitbilisi.com over the next five days.

According the Mayor of Tbilisi, in case of the preservation of the historic walls, the scheme of traffic in Pushkin Street will be changed. In particular, the traffic will be one-way - from Baratashvili bridge toward Freedom Square. At the same time, the traffic flow in one-way mode will be directed from Freedom Square to Tbilisi waterfront through the streets of Chanturia and Virsaladze (exit from Rustaveli Avenue).


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