Krasnodar Circus may be closed down

Krasnodar Circus may be closed down

Sergey Makarov, People’s Artist of the RSFSR, President of the Academy of Circus Arts, said that the Krasnodar Circus may remain under control of the Russian State Circus Company. Russian Vice Prime Minister Olga Golodets caused a public outrage when she ordered transfer of the Krasnodar Circus and the Vladivostok Circus from state management.

Anatoly Marchevsky, People’s Artist of Russia, head of Rosgostsirk, emphasized yesterday that the Russian circus was a successor of the Soviet and was the world leader.

Makarov said that The circus art of Bulgaria disappeared in April 2012. The same happened in the Czech Republic. The official said that there were serious problem with the Romanian circus. Makarov added that the concept for development of the circus was passed in Russia on April 2, 2012. The people’s artist called it a strike not only for the circus art, but the image of the government. He proposed filing a letter to President Vladimir Putin.

Makarov noted that there were only 41 circuses in Russian regions. There can be 8 programs changed during the year. The next time a program arrives is in 5 years. If only 10 circuses are left, there will be only 10 programs and the same ones will be performed two years in a row.