Azerbaijan to purchase Pakistani-Chinese helicopters

Azerbaijan wants to purchase JF-17 Thunder helicopters produced by Pakistan and China, APA cites the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex - PAC from the Dubai Airshow - 2011.

Exports to Azerbaijan will be realized in the next couple of years. The sides have determined the number of planes to be included in the deal.

JF-17 Thunders show better performance compared with MiG-29s. They have improved maneuverability and would contribute to Azerbaijani defenses.

Officials say Pakistan and China will start development of the second version of JF-17 Thunders with new electronics and weapon systems.

The plane is 14.97 meters long, it has a maximum weight of 12,474 kg. Its maximum speed is 1909 km/h, combat radius - 1,352 meters. The plane has a double-barreled cannon Tipe 23-2, with a cal. of 23 mm, 4 air-to-air guided missiles, 1 air-to-surface guided missile, 1 non-guided missile, four Мк.82 bombs, 1 Мк.84 or GBU-10/GBU-12, Durandel, Mk.20 Rockeye bomb.


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