Turkmenistan’s electricity exports to Afghanistan and Iran increase

Export of Turkmen electricity to Afghanistan and Iran based on the results of 2012 is estimated at 2713.3 million kW/h, exceeding last year's figure by 7.5 per cent, Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper reports on Wednesday.
'It is expected that production of electricity will reach 19,189 kW/h and compared to 2011, the growth rate is 105 per cent', the article says.
Currently, the installed capacity of all power plants within the Turkmen energy system is 4104 MW, including 1643 MW, or 40 per cent, produced by modern gas turbine generators.
Further increases in the generating capacity of the country will be possible not only due to construction of new gas turbines, but also based on the upgrading of the existing steam turbines, thereby greatly enhancing their effectiveness.
January 1, 2013 marked the 20th anniversary since Turkmens began enjoying free natural gas, water and electricity.


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