Khloponin: Borders of federal districts to remain the same after Olympics

Khloponin: Borders of federal districts to remain the same after Olympics

No change will occur to the borders of federal districts after the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Experts are discussing only issues of economic integration, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Russian presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District Alexander Khloponin said today.

"The territorial integrity of each region is not even being discussed. As for economic integration, there are really issues to be discussed here. No decision has been taken yet, it has not even been brought to government level. The issue is discussed in panel discussions," Khloponin is quoted by ITAR-TASS.

"The economy of the SCFD cannot be locked out from the country. We consider various integration processes, which do not need a new district to be created in order to be realised, but, for example, to hold a joint meeting of two districts. The question is how we are to grow. There are rumours of so-called "divisions" of subjects around this," he said.

According to Khloponin, the division, for example, of the Stavropol diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church into three components, also reinforced speculation about the desire to divide the Stavropol region. "This is not the case. Just a basic task put forward by our Patriarch," he noted.

"No decision on any change of borders exists. There are not even any designs there. But we are talking about integration into the economy," the Deputy Prime Minister said.


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