Iran is prepared for the new orbital launches

Iran is prepared for the new orbital launches

Iran is ready for new orbital launches, the deputy head of the Iranian Space Agency Hamid Fazeli told the ISNA news agency today.


According to the plan developed by the agency, "the new satellite, code-named Zafar 2 (Victory -2), is  planned for launch in 2014," Fazeli said. The satellite was designed and assembled at the Iranian university of Elm-o-Sanaat. The launch has been postponed to early 2014 for technical fine-tuning.

Hamid Fazeli told of the other planned space projects in Iran, in particular the launch of the Tadbir (Expedient ) satellite into space. "The new navigation system and a new generation of sensors orientation will be tested during the experiment,"  he said.


"The satellite has to take its place in orbit at an altitude of 250-300 kilometers. Now we are in the final stages of its inspection and testing prior to shipment to the launch complex - a process that can take up to three months," Hamid Fazeli is quoted by ITAR - TASS.