15 billion rubles to be provided for development of Chechen economy

Over 15 billion rubles will be provided this year as part of the
program of social-economic development of Chechnya for 2008-2013.

The Chechen Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Abdula
Magomadov, said that the program for 2011 involves construction and
maintenance works on 199 facilities, 114 of which will be launched.

The minister said that a set of social facilities will be launched
this year. Some of the most significant facilities are the
Sernovodsk-Kavkazskiy sanatorium, the republic rehabilitation center
for handicapped children and the Ahmad Kadyrov sports complex.
Economic facilities such as the Severo-Kavkazskaya poultry factory in
the village of Avtury, the Naurskiy wine factory in the village of
Alpatovo, the Pishemash factory in Argun, a cement factory in
Chiri-Yurtovsk and a construction material complex in Argun will be

Officials from state ministries and structures related to the program
took part in the council on the program. Magomadov said that financing
may start in February. He rounded up the results of 2010 and noted
that the funds were fully realized, with all goal-indicators of
efficiency fulfilled.

Magomadov emphasized that the requirements for the documentation this
year have become tougher.


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