'The Azerbaijan Dilemma' by Thomas de Waal

'The Azerbaijan Dilemma' by Thomas de Waal

World media have recently published an article by Thomas de Waal entitled 'The Azerbaijan Dilemma'. Experts paid great attention to this article, which seems to be a collection of stereotypes concerning the Southern Caucasus. One can hardly dispute the facts highlighted in the article, but de Waal's interpretation doesn't seem unprejudiced.

For instance, the author's interpretations of Azerbaijan's membership of the UN Security Council, the country's relations with Turkey and the official position on Syria seem baseless.

At the same time, the author doesn't pay proper attention to the role the United States plays in the region. De Waal admits there is some tension between Azerbaijan and Iran, but doesn't understand that the US factor in this conflict is a major one.

It seems that US and European experts don't believe that the countries of the region are capable of carrying out their own policy, even though they always remind the Russians about this fact.

Alexey Vlasov. Exclusively to VK


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