Turkish army is now one of fundamental pillars of foreign policy - Gül

"Turkey has been eagerly waiting for the day our friends in the region will finally enjoy a peace dividend," Turkish President Abdullah  Gül said in a speech, Hurriyet Daily News reports.

"There are efforts to turn the insatiability in our neighbors into a new ‘Cold War scene’ where the regional and global power fights are rehearsed. Turkey has no luxury of watching from a distance under such circumstances. Hence, diplomatic activism and military preparation is not an option but a must for Turkey," he said.
Gül also warned Israel to carefully watch and analyze the political climate in the region.
"Democracy will soon or later prevail in the region. A democratic regime cannot implement a foreign policy deemed by its own people as unjust, inglorious and humiliating," he said.
"Israel will turn into a complete apartheid regime in the next 50 years if it done not allowed the establishment of an independent and proud Palestine state with its capital in East Jerusalem. That is why make an effort to achieve a fair peace with a strategic point of view is to Israel’s own interests," he said.