Expert explains Medvedev’s replacing Putin at G8 summit

Expert explains Medvedev’s replacing Putin at G8 summit

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will present candidates for the Cabinet to President Vladimir Putin. Medvedev will represent Russia at the G8 summit in Camp David on May 18-19, Acting Presidential Assistant Arkady Dvorkovich said today.

Vladimir Putin has told US President Barack Obama that he will send Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to the G8 summit.

Vladimir Yevseyev, Director of the Center for Socio-Political Studies, told Vestnik Kavkaza that sending Medvedev is the right step, but its goals are not just formation of the new Cabinet.

Putin does not want to make his first visit to the US. He plans to visit China first in June. Putin was in Beijing in autumn. The first visit to China emphasizes the special relations the two states have. There is no progress in talks on Russian-US relations, missile defenses or any other issues.

Putin will have time to discuss other events. They include the Iranian nuclear talks in Baghdad on May 23, the problem of Syria where parliamentary polls were held on May 7.

Yevseyev added that Putin may make a stop at Astana when returning from Beijing, as a symbol of friendship and devotion to forming the Eurasian Union.

Dvorkovich said that the president and prime ministers have a very intensive schedule and it is impossible for them to make all the necessary visits, RIA Novosti reports.


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