Russian officials discuss normalization of ties with Georgia

Sergey Glazyev, Russian presidential assistant, Valery Khaburdzaniya, Georgian ex-Minister for State Security, Mikhail Krotov, Russian presidential plenipotentiary representative to the Constitutional Court, Alexander Sokolov, head of the Multinational Russia Club, have discussed normalization of Russian-Georgian relations in economy and Georgia’s opportunity to join the Eurasian Economic Union.

Glazyev emphasized that relations of the two states had a multi-century history. The Eurasian Economic Space and the Customs Union was an opportunity for solution of many problems. Georgia could not join them because it quit the CIS, Abkhazia and South Ossetia because they were not recognized by Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Khaburdzaniya noted that the sides had quit mutual accusations and added that Georgia did not see prospects in the Eurasian Union.

Krotov said that Georgia was already taking part in the Eurasian Union. Trade turnover between Russia, Kazakhstan and Georgia was increasing. Economic relations formed during the USSR era are hard to break.

Sokolov believes that escalation of tensions between Russia and Georgia was based on mass media. He said that they need humanitarian integration, more contacts, communication of young people. The expert called Eurasian integration an excellent example of partnership and equality where states have one vote each.


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