Russian president discusses Ukraine with Israeli PM

By Peter Lyukimson exclusively for Vestnik Kavkaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the Ukraine crisis and the Iranian nuclear program with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation on April 16. Netanyahu is probably facing rising pressure from the EU and the U.S. demanding to condemn Russia and support the West. Many Russian businessmen and politicians prefer to keep money in Israeli banks, so support of Israel in anti-Russian sanctions plays a very important role.

Israel has to balance between Russia and the West. Netanyahu noted that he was planning to visit Russia in June, invited by Vladimir Putin. They will both visit Saint-Petersburg and attend a special concert.

The prime minister ordered ministries and agencies to ask for his permission when making any contacts with Russia. Israel wants to stay in good terms with Russia, Ukraine and the U.S.

Thousands of pilgrims from Russia are expected to visit Israel soon. Members of the Russian parliament, government and law-enforcing structures are expected to arrive for the Easter.