Moldova prohibits Russian TV channels

Moldova prohibits Russian TV channels

Moldova has prohibited Russian TV channels from being broadcast in the country. The banning procedure has been approved by the Moldovan government  - such a statement on the radio station Europa Libera has been made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Natalia Gherman, who commented on the start of monitoring of the Russian channels by the Coordination Council for Radio and Television.

According to her, since the summer of 2013 the authorities have been concerned about the fact that the Russian channels in Moldova speak about an alternative to European integration for Moldovans.

"We noticed in the summer of 2013 unusual activity by the Russian press in Moldova to promote the alternative integration of Moldova. And this is at a time when we are pursuing the goal of European integration as an absolute priority domestic and foreign policy," she says, as reported by

The diplomat added that "we are unexpectedly under a huge information campaign. We examined the resources, and it turned out that while the government works on explaining the elements and stages of European integration and the use of its benefits, it was not enough to outweigh the message that came from the Russian side, and it was a warning to us."


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