UN Security Council meets on Syrian chemical weapons victims

UN Security Council meets on Syrian chemical weapons victims

The UN Security Council held a closed meeting with Syrian physicians on the initiative of the United States to provide information about new cases of the use of chlorine in Syria.

US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said that the members of the Security Council were shown videos and photos taken in the city of Sarmin in northeastern Syria, where a gas attack was allegedly carried out on March 16. "It was an extremely unusual and very, very emotional meeting," she said. According to Power, she had not noticed that "if there was a dry eye in the room, I didn't see it."

Therapist Mohammed Tennari, who is a Syrian Arab Red Crescent-affiliated physician, claimed that a volume of chlorine were dropped from helicopters early in the morning.

The President of the Syrian-American Medical Society, Zaher Sahloul, in his turn, said that from March 16-26, six attacks using chlorine were carried out in the town of Idlib. As a result, six people who were the members of one family were killed, and more than 200 injured.

According to Samantha Power, the United States has no doubt that the attacks were carried out by the Syrian authorities. "We need an attribution mechanism so we know precisely who carried out these attacks; all of the evidence of course shows that they come from helicopters, only the Assad regime has helicopters; that’s very clear to us. But we need to move forward in a manner that also makes it very clear to all Council members," she said.


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