Is Germany playing Armenian card against Turkish Stream?

Is Germany playing Armenian card against Turkish Stream?

"How nice it would be for our Western partners to inflate tensions in Asia Minor and jeopardize the safety of the Turkish Stream," listeners on the program Questions of the Day, broadcast on Vesti FM, commented on the unexpected change in the policy of Germany on the interpretation of the tragic events of 1915. Giorgi Saralidze and Yelena Shchedrunova, hosting the broadcast, raised this issue in order with the agreement of German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier to recognize the so-called Armenian genocide. Vesti FM correspondent Sergei Kurokhtin said that the changing of Germany's position affected not only the minister, but the German government in general.

According to Kurokhtin, now many experts in Germany are asking themselves the question "What's wrong with Steinmeier? "The fact that the centenary of genocide in Germany will be marked on April 24 is not only well known, but they are preparing for it. Until the last days the coalition government never used the word genocide in its terms, it usually sounded like "massacre and expulsion of Armenians". This year the resolution was prepared in the same way, according to many sources, three resolutions were proposed. The Greens and left-wing politicians put in their texts the word genocide as usual and the documents of the SPD/CDU/CSU didn't include this word just a month ago," the reporter said.

Then something closed from the public eye happened. The position "historians should deal with this matter, and the government does not intervene and does not comment on the Pope's words" changed to the opposite one. "Representatives of the CDU/CSU said very firmly that they would want to introduce the word 'genocide' to the resolution, but Steinmeier was the last stronghold, as he always said that Germany should act carefully and choose words which will not spoil the dialogue between Armenia and Turkey. And suddenly he said in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung, that "we combine these concepts into the word genocide." Today, a draft resolution with the word 'genocide' will be adopted at a meeting of the Presidium of the SPD/CDU/CSU," Kurokhtin said.