Azerbaijani youth interested in blue-collar jobs

31,251 people have filed requests to enter specialized secondary
school, Chairman of the State Commission for Student Entrance Maleyka
Abbaszade said, Trend reports.

The number exceeds last year’s, demonstrating higher interest in
blue-collar jobs.

Exams will be organized in Baku, Nakhchyban, Ganca, Lyankyaran,
Mingyachevir, Sheki, Shirvan, Agdzhabedi, Geychay and Khachmaze.The
exam will start at 14:00 and last 90 minutes.

Prospective students will answer questions on Azerbaijani history,
language and mathematics. Each subject has 15 questions.

The country has 46 specialized secondary schools with 635
specializations. 9,642 seats were provided, 8,449 of them for the
Azerbaijani sector, 312 for the Russian sector and 881 for both.


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