Warsaw concludes Nobel Prize winners summit

Warsaw concludes Nobel Prize winners summit

The Dalai Lama attended the 13th summit of Nobel Prize winners in Warsaw yesterday and said that achieving democracy via military means was not the best idea.

He said that hatred produced more hatred and a physical conflict would not solve a problem. He called the 20th century the century of bloodshed and urged the world to make the 21st century a century of peace.

Mairead Corrigan said that many media sources were the origin of falsified information about events in Iraq, Afghanistan, Arab Spring and Syria.

European High Commissioner for Refugees Melissa Fleming said that the world should help Syria and its refugees.

Dalai Lama awarded Sharon Stone with the annual summit award for her contribution to efforts to combat AIDS.

The summit was concluded with John Lennon's 'Stand in solidarity for peace. Time to act' song.


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