Zangilan District: 21 years under Armenian control

The Zangilan District is marking 21 years under Armenian control. It was the last of the 8 districts occupied by Armenia. The district on the Baku-Julfa-Nkhchivan railway has strategic value. It has a territory of 707 square kilometers, a population of over 35,000 people. Vineyards, tobacco fields and animal husbandry are the main pillars of its economy.

The population of Zangilan crossed the River Araz in Iran after the occupation of the Gubadli and Jebrail districts. Zangilan has the largest plane-tree forest in Europe. The district has valuable trees, deposits of molybdenum, marble, gold, granite and other resources.

The territory is also rich in archeological and architectural monuments, the largest of which is Shakhri Sharifam.

Zangilan lost 188 shekhids in the first Karabakh War, 44 of its inhabitants remain missing.


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