Melikov: it's necessary to defend the truth about the war by all means

Melikov: it's necessary to defend the truth about the war by all means

The Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of Russia to the North Caucasus Federal District, Sergey Melikov, congratulated the people of the region, especially the veterans, on Victory Day. "70 years ago, the Great Patriotic War ended, becoming both the most severe and the most heroic page in the history of the Russian people," he said.

According to him, "it is essential to remember the lessons of the war today, when the modern varieties of Nazi ideology are growing in the world today. For many politicians, the methods and the rhetoric of the Nazis are not unacceptable – in the last year we have seen many examples. Sometimes it has happened very close to Russia"ю

"That is why it is so necessary to preserve social cohesion, to strengthen its foundation bequeathed by the generation of the victors in World War II. We should make every effort to defend the truth about the events of the war years," he said.

Russian historian, Dean of the History Department of the Moscow State University, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Sergey Karpov, and the head of the department's Division of educational work with students, Anna Talyzina, said that the ideas of national superiority arise from a lack of knowledge of their own and other people's stories, because the truth about the Great Patriotic War must be preserved by all means.

"Above all we must verify our knowledge. When we use authentic documents, we find out the reasons for the problems, explain why it is happening, and how to avoid this. It is possible to overcome this by telling the truth," Sergey Karpov said, stressing the fact that each nation made a great contribution to our mutual victory.

"The victory was procured by millions of people of different nationalities, and we should treat each nation, each nationality, with respect. It runs in our blood. Especially for our students, because it is not allowed to offend people on any grounds, as all nations are really worthy, they show their dignity. This must be remembered, respected, and always supported," the Dean of the History Department of the Moscow State University said.


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