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 Daily meditation could boost longevity

Committing to a daily meditation could help lower blood pressure readings and increase longevity, it can "reduce stress, promote relaxation and boost mood". This is important, as elevated levels of cortisol (the stress …

At least 34 killed as quake rocks Indonesia

A powerful earthquake rocked Indonesia's Sulawesi island early Friday, killing at least 34 people, levelling a hospital and severely damaging other buildings, authorities said. Hundreds more were injured when the 6.2-magnitude quake …

Moscow deciding on participation in Open Skies Treaty

Russia is currently contemplating the issue of future participation in the Treaty on Open Skies, Director of the Foreign Ministry’s Nonproliferation and Arms Control Department Vladimir Yermakov said. "This issue is being …

Turkish president gets COVID-19 vaccine

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday got the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, Anadolu agency reports.  Arriving at Ankara City Hospital, Erdogan received the first dose of China's CoronaVac vaccine. "I got …

Georgia reports 1,357 new COVID-19 cases

Georgia has reported 1,357 new cases of coronavirus, 748 recoveries and 21 deaths in the past 24 hours.  13,360 individuals remain infected with Covid-19 in Georgia as of today. 15,891 tests have been conducted in the past 24 …

Georgia marks National Flag day

Georgia is celebrating National Flag Day today. The current national symbol of Georgia, also known as the Five Cross Flag, was officially introduced in January 2004. While speaking about the importance of the national symbol, …

Russia records over 24,700 daily coronavirus cases

Russia confirmed 24,763 new coronavirus cases in the past day, bringing the total caseload to 3,495,816, the anti-coronavirus crisis center said. This is a new high since January 2 when 26,301 cases were recorded. The lowest …