Benjamin Netanyahu

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Netanyahu expected to meet Putin later this week

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to fly to Sochi on Thursday, just five days before Election Day, to discuss strengthening the security cooperation between the two countries in Syria, The Jerusalem Post reports. …

Netanyahu: it's not time to hold talks with Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged world powers not to open a dialogue with Iran, after U.S. President Donald Trump said he may meet his Iranian counterpart to resolve a crisis over Tehran’s …

Netanyahu uses Ukrainian card

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ended two-day visit to Ukraine. During his visit to Kiev he signed a series of bilateral cooperation agreements with President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky (areas of interest were not specified, with …

Putin and Netanyahu discuss cooperation on Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed Syria over the phone today, according to the Kremlin website. The sides reviewed issues of Russian-Israeli …

Netanyahu blames Iran for Gulf of Oman aggression

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the international community should support the US in efforts to halt Iranian aggression in international waterways. "All peace seeking nations need …

Israel announces Beresheet 2.0

Following the Israeli spacecraft Beresheet’s failure to land safely on the moon this week, SpaceIL chairman Morris Kahn announced he was launching project Beresheet 2, effective immediately. "I’ve come …