Hassan Rouhani

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Rouhani calls Zelensky

The Presidents of Iran and Ukraine, Hassan Rouhani and Vladimir Zelensky, held a telephone conversation during which they discussed the crash of the Ukrainian plane. "The presidents of Iran and Ukraine discussed the incident with a …

Rouhani: U.S. to be cut off from region

Iran`s President Hassan Rouhani said at the Cabinet meeting that the Islamic Republic will cut the United States off the region. “Among the goals of the United States are to create fear and discord both within …

US evacuates civilians from Iraq

At this moment, an emergency evacuation of employees of the American oil field is underway in Iraq. The rescue operation of civilians is taking place against the backdrop of the complicated situation in the country after the assassination of the …

Rouhani: sanctions to end sooner or later

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the era of sanctions and pressure against the Iranian nation will come to an end sooner or later. “Here I will say frankly that the era of sanctions and pressure on the …

Rouhani declares conditions for restarting talks

President of Iran Hassan Rouhani has declared that Tehran is ready to launch talks, if the other parties to Iran’s nuclear deal fulfill their commitments, News.am reports citing Mehr. “The Americans pretend that they are …

Japan proposes Iran to break US sanctions

Tokyo proposed Tehran a way to break US sanctions against Iran, President Hassan Rouhani said following a visit to Japan. According to him, the Iranian side also came up with a proposal to circumvent US sanctions. "We discussed …

Iran testing IR-9 centrifuges

Iran is currently testing the latest IR-9 uranium enrichment centrifuges, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said. "Today, our new IR6 centrifuges are working and the newer IR9s are being tested," he said, …

Why Tehran-Moscow-Beijing alliance dangerous for the West?

Donald Trump’s punitive policies are having the unexpected consequence of creating a tactical marriage of convenience between Russia, China and Iran. Traditional rivals Moscow and Beijing have just inaugurated a $55bn joint gas pipeline …

Iran's Rouhani claims victory over unrest

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declared on Wednesday that street unrest had been put down in a victory over foreign enemies, after a wave of violent demonstrations swept the country following a hike in fuel prices last week, Reuters …