Matthew Bryza

Nika Melia's arrest: opposition and Western diplomats' reaction

Yesterday, the Georgian opposition organised a rally after the arrest of the leader of the largest opposition party, the United National Movement, Nika Melia. Georgian police arrested a top opposition leader on February 23, using tear gas in a dawn raid on his party headquarters, further deepening a political crisis sparked by last year’s parliamentary elections, the outcome of which the opposition disputes, Emerging Europe writes

Matthew Bryza: Sasna Tsrer want to intimidate Sargsyan

The former US Assistant Secretary for the South Caucasus, former US ambassador to Azerbaijan, Matthew Bryza, explained to Vestnik Kavkaza that the armed seizure of the patrol in Yerevan's Erebuni district by activists of the …

 Karabakh meeting on the Neva: Matthew Bryza's opinion

The trilateral meeting of the presidents of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia on the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement, which was held in St. Petersburg, improved the mood between the conflicting parties, the former US Assistant Secretary for the South …