Xi Jinping

Russia and China ready to build first moon base

Russia and China are to collaborate on the international lunar structure, which was thought up by China - the latest build in the space-race against America, The Sun informs. The purpose of the International Lunar Research Stations (ILRS), is to create a long-term robotic presence on the Moon by the start of the next decade, before eventually establishing a sustained human presence. An Order of the Government of the Russian Federation detailing the scheme was published on February 11, but the "date to sign the above mentioned MoU has not been determined yet and is currently discussed with the Chinese partners"

Biden’s first phone call with Xi lasts two hours

U.S. President Joe Biden said his first phone call with Chinese leader Xi Jinping since taking office lasted two hours. "Last night, I was in the phone for two straight hours with Xi Jinping," Biden told reporters - an …

Xi says China-U.S. confrontation to be disaster

Confrontation between China and the United States would be a disaster and the two sides should re-establish the means to avoid misjudgments, Chinese President Xi Jinping told his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden in their first telephone call as …

Xi Jinping congratulates Lukashenko on re-election

Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to Alexander Lukashenko on his re-election as Belarusian president. In the message, Xi extended warm congratulations and best wishes to President Lukashenko on his …

Xi Jinping wishes Nursultan Nazarbayev speedy recovery

Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed "sincere empathy" to the first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who was infected with coronavirus, the press-service of Elbasy informs. In a telegram, the Chinese leader …

Why Tehran-Moscow-Beijing alliance dangerous for the West?

Donald Trump’s punitive policies are having the unexpected consequence of creating a tactical marriage of convenience between Russia, China and Iran. Traditional rivals Moscow and Beijing have just inaugurated a $55bn joint gas pipeline …