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Moscow decorated for New Year (photo report)

This time, the celebration of the New Year will be significantly different from previous years - the plans were revised accordingly the Covid-19 pandemics. There will be no mass festivities or fairs - everything that Muscovites and guests of the …

Baku residents welcome Victory Parade (photo report)

Today, Baku held the Military Parade to mark success in the Karabakh War which became the Patriotic War for the country. This event is a symbol of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity restoration. The country managed to expell the occupation …

Fountain season ends at VDNKh

Today, the fountain season ended at VDNKh. After the fountains are turned off, specialists will mothball them: they will drain the water, wash the bowls, dismantle the nozzles and install plugs, remove the ball valves and lamps, clean …