European Union

European Council President pays visit to Georgia

European Council President Charles Michel has arrived at Batumi International Airport, located in Adjara, Georgia’s southwest region, according to 1TV. Charles Michel and the presidents Moldova and Ukraine Maia Sandu and …

EU adds Ukraine to safe travel list

The European Union added Ukraine on Thursday to a list of countries for which it recommends that COVID-related travel restrictions be lifted. Rwanda and Thailand, meanwhile, were removed from the safe list, the European Council, which …

European economy rebounding faster than expected

The European economy is forecast to rebound faster than previously expected, as activity in the first quarter of the year exceeded expectations and the improved health situation prompted a swifter easing of pandemic control restrictions in the second quarter

Nord Stream 2 is again at the centre of political games

The prospects for the imminent completion of Russia's Nord Stream 2 energy project continue to haunt politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. And although the tone of rhetoric against Russia has noticeably decreased in Washington, the Americans are actively using the topic of the gas pipeline in their political games

EU reflects on how to deal with Russia

 EU High Representative Josep Borrell believes that Russia will not modify its behavioural pattern in the near future, in his opinion, the EU has to factor this in. "Ultimately, Russia is our biggest neighbour. It will …