Alen Simonyan

New Armenian parliament's speaker elected

A member of parliament from Armenia's ruling party Civil Contract, Alen Simonyan, has been elected speaker of the newly-elected National Assembly. The procedure in which the results of the secret voting were announced in the session hall was …

Armenia to triple penalties for insult and defamation

The government and press have had a combative relationship since the coming to power of Nikol Pashinyan, himself a former journalist. New Armenian legislation that would impose crippling penalties for insult and defamation is coming under criticism from local and international press freedom advocates, who are urging the president not to sign it into law. The law would triple the existing penalties for “insult” and defamation to three million drams ($5,700) and six million ($11,400), respectively. Armenia’s parliament passed the legislation on March 24 on a 76-40 vote. The two opposition parties opposed the legislation

Armenia: why return to semi-presidential system?

Under a parliamentary system of government Armenia is facing a number of problems that would not have arisen under a semi-presidential system, Armenian Parliament Vice Speaker, MP from the ruling My Step faction Alen Simonyan said at a briefing, …

Sarkissyan led Immortal regiment action in Yerevan

The Immortal regiment action devoted to the 74th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War was held on May 9 in Yerevan. The march was led by Armenian President Armen Sarkissian. Yerevan Mayor …

New Armenian parliament's vice-speakers elected

The Armenian National Assembly elected three vice-speakers today - Lena Nazaryan, Alen Simonyan and Vahe Enfiajyan. Alen Simonyan became vice-speaker from My Step ruling party – 109 MPs cast their …