Alexander Gushchin

Post-Soviet space between US and Russia

After Donald Trump became the US president, experts hold very different views on a further strategy of the US and NATO in the post-Soviet space. Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is convinced that "Russia is holding …

Andrey Karlov immortalized in graffiti in Antalya

A graffiti portraying Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov was created in Antalya. It was drawn by Russian artist Alexander Gushchin from Yekaterinburg on the wall of the Shopping Mall on the Antalya-Kemer road, the event organizer Alexei …

Moscow holds 3rd meeting of Young Professionals Club

The third meeting of the Young Professionals Club titled "Post-Soviet space in the modern system of geopolitical coordinates" was opened in Moscow today. The head of the Lomonosov MSU Center for Caucasus Studies, …