Alexei Kuznetsov

Berlin launches diplomatic attack on Moscow

German Foreign Ministry has declared as personae non gratae two staffers of the Russian embassy in Germany in connection with the killing of a Georgian citizen in Berlin at the end of last summer. The decision is "effective …

Berlin promises to improve ties with Moscow

Germany would like to improve relations with Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said during a press conference in Berlin. Merkel said she will continue to work on improving relations with Russia, noting …

EU adopts sanctions for chemical weapons use

The European Union set up a new sanctions mechanism targeting those who use and develop chemical weapons. At the meeting in Luxembourg EU foreign ministers agreed to the new measures, which will freeze the assets held in the block by …

Italy declares war on anti-Russian sanctions

Italy’s Prime Minister Jiuseppe Conte advocates a review of the anti-Russia sanctions system. "The new government of Italy will be seeking that the sanction policy against Russia be reviewed, especially those …

US sanctions may be followed by EU sanctions

Berlin proposed to expand sanctions against Moscow because of turbines delivered by German concern Siemens to Crimea, diplomatic sources said. German authorities also proposed an initiative to add three or four Russian citizens, as well …

Mistral case comes to end

The approximate amount of money, which France has officially reimbursed Russia for undelivered Mistral, became known. French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that the total cost to France of reimbursing Russia for cancelling two warship …