Alexey Pushkov

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Pushkov: Brexit not to affect Russia

Head of the Russian parliament’s foreign relations committee Alexey Pushkov says the UK’s possible quitting the European Union would not affect Russia, TASS reports. He says Moscow has an academic …

Pushkov predicts "migrant future" for EU

Chairman of the State Duma International Affairs Committee Alexey Pushkov commented on the situation with migration crisis in the European Union on his Twitter page. "In 2015, the EU gave refuge to 450 thousand …

Who is Mr. Groysman?

He will be a technical and pragmatic Premier, who will try not to act within Yatsenyuk’s logic

Pushkov: attacks in Brussels show failure of NATO's policy

"The series of terrorist attacks in Brussels confirms how right are those who try to direct the European Union towards cooperation with Russia in the struggle against terrorism and who maintain that the worst threat to European security comes …

Fyodor Lukyanov: EU expects significant changes

The mass attacks on women that took place in several cities in Germany on New Year's Eve provoked a rise of speeches on the theme of migration, the discrepancy of Islamic and European values ​​and even the rapid demise of Europe. The head of the ...

Pushkov: Russia may restore visa-free regime with Georgia

The Russian side does not rule out the restoration of the visa-free regime with Georgia if the authorities will continue to pursue foreign policy based on the desire to normalize relations between Moscow and Tbilisi, the head of the Russian State …