Alexey Pushkov

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Syria overshadows Ukraine

Pushkov: “European countries are not ready to recognize Crimea as part of Russia, but they have accepted the new geopolitical reality”

Pushkov: Iran should join talks on Syrian crisis

Tehran should be involved in the talks on the Syrian crisis, the head of the Russian State Duma Committee for Foreign Affairs, Alexei Pushkov, said at a meeting with a delegation of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party …

Pushkov: Maydan moving to Lvov and Kharkov

Maydan is moving to Lvov and Kharkov in Ukraine. Head of the Duma Committee for International Affairs Alexey Pushkov has made such a statement today, commenting on the protests of representatives of the extremist

Kosachev and Pushkov: international law in crisis

The chairman of the Federation Council’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Konstantin Kosachev, and the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the State Duma, Alexei Pushkov, made statements today on the results of the international round table 'Topical