Andrey Belousov

Russia's PM Mishustin resumes duties after recovering

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, who had been admitted to hospital with COVID-19, has resumed his duties, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decree published on the Kremlin website on Tuesday. Mishustin …

Russia's Central Bank to cut key rate to 5%?

Assistant to the Russian president Andrei Belousov believes that potential for further easing of the Russian Central Bank's monetary policy after several consecutive cuts in the key rate remains quite high. According to him, …

Rosneft to be privatized before December 15

Privatization of state-owned oil company Rosneft should be completed before December 15, the Russian President’s aide Andrei Belousov said. "Our date is December 15," he answered the question if the …

Will Brexit hurt Russia?

Britain leaving the European Union would have an impact on the Russian economy and budget since it will lead to fluctuations in the financial markets and will create conditions for the volatility of oil and other assets.  …

 Andrei Belousov: Russia needs new economic model

The Russian economy will show steady economic growth of 4% in 2-3 years. Such an opinion was expressed by the presidential aide Andrei Belousov ahead of the meeting of the Presidium of the Economic Council under the President of …