Earth's magnetic north pole moving toward Russia

Earth’s magnetic north pole has been moving East at an unusually fast pace, heading from the Canadian Arctic toward Russia. Magnetic north has been lurching away from its previous home in the Canadian Arctic toward Siberia at a …

S-400s to ensure air defence of Arctic region

All battalions of the Russian Northern Fleet will be equipped with S-400 missile defence systems within next several years to ensure air defence of the Arctic region, the commander of the fleet, Vice Adm. Alexander Moiseyev …

Rosneft finds first oilfield offshore eastern Arctic

Russia's largest oil producer Rosneft said on Sunday it had found its first oilfield in the Laptev Sea in the eastern Arctic. Rosneft and its partners plan to invest 480 billion rubles ($8.4 billion) in developing Russia's …

 Novak reveals huge Russia's hydrocarbon reserve

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the Arctic is a future of Russia's oil and gas production. "The Arctic shelf is a huge hydrocarbon reserve that possesses billions of tons of oil and tens of …

Turkey plans to build research base in Antarctic

Turkey plans to build a research base in Antarctic, the Turkish Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk Ozlu said. "Turkish scientists will remain in the Antarctic on the permanent basis," Ozlu said …